BEAUTY BAR: Beachy Beauty

During the summer heat, it’s so tempting to skip doing your makeup and hair and opt for the au naturel look. After all, the last thing you want is your makeup to melt off and you know that the thought of blowdrying your hair alone just makes you want to cringe. But this Fashionista knows exactly what to accent to look fabulous and beat the summer heat. Focus on lashes and beachy waves, and you are summer beautiful and ready to go.

This Fashionista emphasizes her lashes, making her eyes pop. She chose a voluminous mascara and coated her upper and lower lashes—ultimately brightening and opening up her eyes. She keeps the rest of her eye makeup simple, as to not overdo it. She lines her upper lashes with eyeliner, winging it out at the end and further enhancing her eyes. She finishes her makeup look with a pink lip gloss. This makes her eyes the focal point of her makeup, which is always, no matter what season, a good move. Eyes convey so much about a person: they’re the first thing that people look at when they meet you, so make them one of your best features like this Fashionista.

When it comes to her hair, this Fashionista knows summertime is the best time to rock the beachy hair. Not only is it perfect for the season, but it’s an easy way to avoid the hairdryer. The beachy waves also accent this Fashionista’s bohemian look perfectly.

In addition to her luscious lashes and beachy waves, she rocks the bohemian look with her paisley kimono. Her white lace crop top and mint green shorts coordinate perfectly with her kimono, and her mint green shoes pull everything together.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To look beachy beautiful like this Fashionista, pick a voluminous or lengthening mascara and apply multiple coats to your top and bottom lashes, opening your eyes. Apply a curl-enhancing mousse to your locks after showering and scrunch your hair to achieve the beachy waves this Fashionista rocks.