BEAUTY BAR: Beach Waves

In the midst of summer the temperature seems to get 10 degrees warmer than it was at the beginning of the season. Some days you feel like a melting popsicle and you want to wear the absolute bare minimum. This most likely means that your face is natural, especially when you are hanging out by the water. Your makeup routine might be affected but that doesn’t mean you can’t style your hair!

This Fashionista wears her hair down and throws a little bit of sea salt spray in her damp hair to make her beach hair tamed and waved. She likes to do this whenever her hair has been out in the sun all day to help rehydrate her locks. This hairstyle is easy and can be worn for the night out or in for family game night. She threw on a skirt and a crop top to complete her summer look.

Another great thing about this hairstyle is that it can be used even when you aren’t at the beach! Summer frizz is a real problem that happens everyday to all of us, and if you aren’t affected than you got real lucky. To tame your frizzy nest you can use the same spray. My favorite part about the spray is that even if you haven’t been at the beach all day, this product will leave your hair smelling of the ocean breeze.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? You can get this exact look by using Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Flip your head over and apply to your damp hair. As you apply the spray make sure to scrunch up your hair towards your scalp to achieve the waves. If you have naturally straight hair you can apply the spray to help tone down any frizz. This bottle has lasted the Fashionista over two years and can be purchased for under $10.00. So don’t let those summer heat waves bring you down—instead rock those beach waves!