BEAUTY BAR: Balayage Beauty

Recently, we have seen the rise of ombré hair coloring that many of us can’t get enough of. However, there is a new hairstyle making its way into the light that is very similar to ombré. This new sensation is called balayage. Many famous models and actresses have already tried out this new look such as Kylie Jenner, Jessica Alba and Cat Deeley. This subtle yet flawless look is perfect for a fun style that is so unique.

Balayage is a hairstyle that allows the customer to have total control over where the color goes. There is no foil needed, which allows the hairdresser to use a freehand technique. One great aspect of balayage is how low maintenance it really is. Once your roots start to grow in, your hair will look very natural, which will allow you to wear the color for longer. Long hair looks best with this style because the distinct color change will be more noticeable. Loose beachy waves complement the hair color, highlighting the balayage color throughout.

This Fashionista’s outfit complements her hairstyle perfectly. Her ensemble is extremely girly and fun. Her geometric pattern, blue dress adds an interesting detail that caught my eye immediately. I love how she accessorizes with her vintage coach purse, white ruffle socks and brown necklace.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, I would recommend going to a hairstylist to get your desired look. However, if you are interested in trying this look at home, first start off by sectioning your hair into a bun and leave a thin layer on the bottom. Start with the bottom and work your way up to the middle of your hair. After hitting the middle mark of your hair, start blending your natural color with the new color. Continue this throughout your hair until you get your desired look. One thing to keep in mind is buying a good quality hair dye. I would recommend Color Charm hair dye from Wella.