BEAUTY BAR: Avoiding Makeup Meltdowns

In the makeup world, this seems to have been the summer of contouring. I cannot even pretend like I know how to contour, but I will admit that I have watched countless videos trying to perfect this technique. So while I’m over here trying to learn how blending works outside of making milkshakes, this Fashionista is reminding everyone that makeup does not have to be complicated to look flawless.

Monday blues can be contagious, especially when you don’t feel great in restricting business attire. But this Fashionista chose not to let the workweek bring her down by using her makeup as her main accessory. She used her good genes to her advantage and did not put on much concealer. Instead, she just added some blush to look a little more awake this morning. She mainly focused on subtle eye shadow and a light, neutral color on her lips. But wait, why not a bright red lip to add a pop of color? Opting for a lighter lip is ideal considering the summer heat. The smudged bright red across the cheek isn’t very flattering, I would know. Aside from makeup is meltdowns (pun intended), a stressful day of work can mean lots of touching your face. This means you should keep it simple with slight accents so you don’t show up to work looking like Kim K. and leave work looking like you forgot to take your makeup off before going to bed last night.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Luckily for those who never have time to stop and focus on makeup, like myself, this look is very simple. All you need is some concealer, a natural eye shadow and a soft color for your lipstick.