BEAUTY BAR: Au Naturale

Days at the beach, hiking the perfect spot, stuffing our faces with ice cream, shorts, crop tops and the blazing sun placed perfectly in the sky—this is summer. This season is all about having fun and getting out of the house to enjoy the great weather, but this also means a whole lot of heat and sweat! There’s nothing worse than having a face full of makeup that feels like it’s melting off of your face during these hot months. The perfect way to beat the summer heat, while still applying your favorite products, is to go for a simple, clean and natural look.

This Fashionista is spot on with her makeup and outfit. Instead of going for a full smokey eyeshadow that might be more suited for winter or fall, she opted to keep the always popular winged eyeliner with her glowing skin. The winged eyeliner will never go out of style, so feel free to rock that look day or night of any season.

To add to her minimal make up, she paired her look with an outfit that’s absolutely perfect for summer! Everyone likes to feel comfortable, but still look cute. This Fashionista combines the two worlds by wearing a classic white T-shirt, and pairing this everyday essential with a bright pop of color with her shorts. The red orange color with the fun pattern really help this outfit stand out from the crowd. I also love that she paired this look with a small brown bag; allowing the shorts to be the standout piece.

Summer is the best time to take risks with bold colors, while also opting for a more simple look with make up. This combo will have any Fashionista feeling fresh and fashionable while out in the heat.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, try using a BB cream instead of a full coverage foundation. Make sure to apply a thin layer of powder to help keep your makeup in its place. Use a liquid liner to create the perfect winged eye and add a nude lipstick to complete your look! If you just can’t do without contouring, try using a beautiful highlight just above your cheekbones to create a natural glow.