BEAUTY BAR: All That Glows Is Gold

Summer bucket lists are replete with sun-filled adventures, and at the end of summer most of us like to show off how much Vitamin D we’ve been exposed to. Tan and glowing skin are the major ways to show your adventurous summer spirit, but sometimes the right kind of makeup can help take your glow to the new level. After all, what better evidence than returning to school with the best, most envious look you’ve had all year? This Fashionista shows us that adding a little bit of glitter and gold, as well as some rich lips, can enhance ones summer glow.

Every summer we see that the most popular summer makeup looks are minimal and neutral. This could possibly be caused by the struggle of wearing makeup in the sweltering heat that is bound to make us sweat and melt it right off. Or, it could be because natural, sun-kissed skin is the most flattering look for the summer that involves minimal effort. Regardless of what the reason might be, this Fashionista follows this trend by keeping everything, except for her eyes and lips, natural. The gold on her eyes is flattering because when she blinks, the sun hits her lids and you are left with a hint of shine. Her soft but bright colored lips make her look more energized and gives her the perfect summer glow.

Whats on the BEAUTY BAR: To accomplish the same glow as this Fashionista you will need neutral, but glittery eyeshadow shades such as those on the Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette (a combination of Foxy, Suspect and Half Baked would work the best for this look). Don’t forget a bright, color-rich lipstick to give your lips a summer vibe, and mascara to extend your lashes. Keep the rest of your face as minimal as possible to keep the natural essence of the look.