BEAUTY BAR: A Not-So-Subtle Summertime Red

I have seen my share of unconventional dye jobs. During this year alone, pink, purple, gray and blue hair have become a girl’s favorite fashion accessory. I’ve gazed at many colorful heads, but it wasn’t until I saw this Fashionista’s red hue that I became green (or should I say red) with envy.

Her short red hair is a summer dream. It stays within the traditional framework of hair color: black, brunette, blonde and red. It doesn’t break from it but instead pushes the boundaries and our perception of what a summertime red means and looks like. Its redness resonates with the carmines and burgundies more so than it does with the natural reds we’re use to seeing. This color is a step in the right direction for the summertime; it demonstrates a certain sense of pizzazz that I’ve seen with dye jobs of late because it is an unnatural red. Her subtle nod to the unconventional and traditional makes her hair color my favorite shade for the summer. It’s cool, calm and fun all rolled into one truly stellar dye job.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you need a red hair color. You can similarly accessorize it with sunglasses (which is a must for summer), studs and a minimalistic necklace. Although these accessories add a little something extra to her look, they make sure not to overshadow her hair color, which serves as the primary reference point for this Fashionista’s outfit. Remember that an unconventional hair color deserves to shine in all its glory. This beauty look can be one of the most important elements of a person’s wardrobe.