BEAUTY BAR: A Midsummer Makeup Dream

It is the middle of the summer at last, a time where burns fade into tans and dry skin pillaged by long winter months regains its once dilapidated moisture. A time period where our schedules are finalized and free time once dedicated to schoolwork allows for actual, non-regretted free time to take place. Midsummer is an ample time to be in search for new trends and an even better opportunity to improve and update your beauty routines and products.

My favorite products to say goodbye to while we enter into hot July and August are my heavy winter face creams and even thicker foundations. I rejoice when I think about ditching unruly BB creams and running fat gobs of conditioner into my hair to keep it from getting brittle.

I found that while it is one thing to be in the bustling city of Los Angeles, it is another thing to have the opportunity to flee to the beach when city life and terrible traffic becomes too much. Supple skin touched by sea air and wavy hair combed by harsh waves and salt is a common occurrence when it comes to living in LA. Bronzed skin promotes an almost makeup free summer glow, while sunkissed locks frame faces perfectly.

A natural, beachy look supplies any Fashionista/o with a lazy, yet elegant look that would be perfect for any afternoon lunch. Glossy lips and thick lashes seem to be the only need when it comes to a clean summer look, a look that this Fashionista has mastered. Met by a gingham romper and black strappy shoes, this Fashionista rocked her natural summer makeup look perfectly.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get this look, you’ll need sunscreen, mascara, a nude lipstick or gloss and some lash lengthening/thickening mascara.  Don’t worry about an oily looking complexion either; to stray from greasy looking cheeks, throw face wipes or even oil blotting sheets into your beach bag to take off any excess dirt and grime.