BEAUTY BAR: A Little Red Lip

Red lips are so classic and a perfect way to make you stand out. This Fashionista did just that with her extremely vibrant red lips paired with an easy-going flowy dress and fun summer pumps.

This red lip looked especially fantastic next to her blonde hair and light blue TOBI dress. It added a fun and vibrant aspect to her look while still remaining classic. Without this lip color, her simple dress would still have been cute and relaxed, just not as bold and vibrant.

Her messy hair also added to the care-free feel of this her look. The wind blowing through her hair made her look excellent and relaxed. It was really the cherry on top of her summery chill vibe.

This Fashionista wore minimal accessories, but made up for this with her colorful makeup. She wears a simple silver Minnesota necklace topped layered with a simple silver bean necklace. She also wears a simple silver infinity bracelet and a fashion watch. These accessories are very minimal but add a nice shimmer to her look. Her jewelry is simple enough that it doesn’t take anything away from her face, and enhances the fact that her makeup is the focal point of this outfit.

Lastly, this Fashionista added some texture to her outfit with her cork and leather nude wedges. For the most part, this Fashionista’s outfit was pretty simple and light with her standard silver jewelry and light blue dress, but her shoes add some texture that added some depth to her ensemble. Her brown leather bag also added some texture, and provided neutral base next to the rest of her bright ensemble.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Pair bright lips with otherwise simple ensembles. Adding texture in your shoes or purse will also enhance your outfit and provide depth to your look.