BEAUTY BAR: A Dose of Color

Hey CollegeFashionista readers! For the first time this semester, I will be sharing with you some of my beauty tips and inspiration from fellow Fashionistas. Being a fashion major and enthusiast, normally the first thing I spot about someone from a distance is their clothing. But, the other day I spotted a Fashionista from yards away with a beautiful shade of lipstick on and I just had to know whom it was by. I have a serious soft spot for lipsticks and cannot leave a makeup store or even a grocery store without purchasing a new one. I think I have every shade of the Revlon Colorburst matte lip balm by now. So, since this Fashionista’s lipstick really caught my attention, I decided I should write an article about one of my all-time favorite makeup trends: bold lipstick.

When it comes to my daily makeup routine, I usually stick to a very neutral look with brown and cream eye shadow colors. If I am going to add any wild colors to my makeup, it will be on my lips. The Fashionista I pictured above is rocking the same trend; except for she is wearing a lipstick by a brand I have personally never heard of before called Dose of Colors. The rest of her makeup is very neutral with all soft brown eye shadow colors and a swipe of black eyeliner. The Dose of Colors lipstick essentially becomes the “dose of color” in her look. I am so glad I ran into this Fashionista because now that I already cleaned out the Ulta shelves of all their lipstick shades, I can try out something new and unique.

The Fashionista also kept her clothing very neutral, so that the lipstick is really the focus of the entire look. This makes spending a little extra on lipstick worth the money because it spiced up her entire outfit. So, don’t hold back from buying the brightest lipstick on the shelf. You’ll use it whenever you want to jazz up a monochromatic look and also when you cannot find the right accessories for your outfit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look you will need your “dose of color,” which can be any bold lipstick color. You will also need a neutral eye shadow palette, foundation that matches your skin tone, a natural blush and black liquid eyeliner.