BEAUTY BAR: A Dash Of Sparkle

Sharp and sleek, grunge with a dash of sparkle. This Fashionista’s makeup look is just that. Makeup is a fun way to amp up your outfit. There are so many colors and varieties to choose from to achieve the exact style you want.

This Fashionista dazzled with a sparkly purple smoky lid and cat eyeliner, which brought her whole outfit together. Her ensemble was hitting the grunge look, but to keep it on the lighter side she went for sparkle and a brighter color palette rather than the traditional black smoky eye. She also rocked the cat eyeliner and dark waterline to accentuate and elongate her eyes. Makeup definitely adds another layer to your overall look and in some cases can be used as a focal point for the entire outfit. It’s like its own accessory!

Aside from the makeup, to achieve this dark and laid back look, this Fashionista dressed in black from head to toe. Her loose fitting shirt created a relaxed feel while her distressed skinny jeans added in the edgy factor. To lengthen the body, she continued the black-on-black with a pair of high-top Dr. Martens.

To add a little life into her ensemble, this Fashionista repurposed a red and blue plaid button-down as an accessory around her waist. Adding smaller accessories to add more sparkle to the outfit, she stacked rhinestone bracelets and a gold chain necklace.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Make sure your cat liner is drawn precisely and sharply pointed to create flare and attention to the eyes. I recommend using a pen liner because they are really easy to use and control when drawing sleek lines. To create more drama, use a darker color palette on the lid and maybe even add color to your lips. Choose a dark shade as your base color for the outfit, as this Fashionsita chose the classic black. Once you’ve got that down, start stacking on the accessories, adding bling and prep to the “grunged out” look.