BEAUTY BAR: '70s Beach Vibes

Summer brings many things to a girl’s life including tan lines, sandy toes and wavy beach hair that we wish we could have all year round. Looking like you just came from the ocean with some sea salt infused locks is a look that many would die to have and lucky for you, I’m going to tell you how to get them whenever you want. You heard me correctly people, sea salt waves all year round is what I am gifting to you. All you need to do is follow three simple steps with one essential product, and you will be looking like the mermaid haired goddess you always knew you were.

First, let us give a around of applause to this Fashionista who is bringing some major ’70s vibes with her psychedelic outfit. Not only is she styling some eye-catching flare pants and oversized shades, but she is absolutely rocking those long brunette waves. I will admit that this Fashionista did say she has naturally curly hair, BUT do not be discouraged straight haired beauties, because the instructions I will share with you will give you the same look in less than three minutes.

First, in order to make sure your hair reaches maximum beach blown potential, make sure you start with your hair wet. Towel dry tour hair lightly then grab a bottle of sea salt hair spray and apply generously through hair. After applying, scrunch and rub your hair in an upward motion. The scrunching will make the waves take hold of your strands of hair and the rubbing will give it some volume. Think of the process like you are bringing your hand into a fist while grabbing your hair. After you scrunch your beautiful head of hair, all there is left to do is style it the way you like. Maybe you like to pull some pieces back into a clip or even braid a section of it. It is all up to you.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To achieve this three step simple look all you will need is  Bumble and bumble Sea Salt Infused spray. It is magic in a bottle and will give you this look without giving your hair that gross stiff feel that many sea salt sprays bring to your hair. All you do is spray, scrunch and style. How simple is that for a summer hair routine?