Beat the Sun for Festival Fun

August 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

With summer winding down and everyone rushing to pack every bit of fun in, it’s crucial to know how to look stylish while beating the heat! Anyone who has ever been to a music or street festival knows that they can get hot and sticky, but with a few pointers from these Fashionistas, beating the heat will be a piece of cake.


In the summer, it’s a given that fewer layers are needed, but they must be the right layers. The key to staying cool is staying away from thick fabrics and keeping clothing loose and breathable. As two of the Fashionistas show, a cotton shift dress is a great option for summer fun. A maxi dress won’t just help you stand out in the crowd, it’s also a fun way to keep some sun off your legs while keeping them cool. Spice up the sundress with fun details like embroidery or a lace-up neckline. If dresses aren’t quite your style, a basic tank top paired with a fun pair of shorts is the way to go! For this combo, it is essential to make sure the materials for the tank and shorts are breathable. Thick fabrics trap heat and sweat making them less than ideal for summer weather.


In high heat, undergarments are just as important as what goes over them. In 80-degree plus weather, the last thing one needs pressing against their skin is a foamy padded bra. Switch heavy bras out for a bralette to stay comfy and cool.


The last thing anyone wants during a daylong event is for their makeup to melt off before noon. In order to prevent the melt, it is important to keep any base makeup on the lighter side. Try ditching heavy foundations and instead using a long-lasting concealer on problem areas! Those with oily skin should prep their face with a mattifying primer, and everyone should set their entire face with powder to help combat midday shine—there is a difference between glow and grease!


When it comes to styling hair for heat, there is no simple solution. For those who want to wear their hair down, pay attention to what has worked in the past. For example, if your curls always fall out right away, do not curl your hair. But for those really sweltering days, opt for a sleek ponytail to stay cool.


No festival is free, therefore a purse is a necessity. Pick something light and portable to hold all of your precious essentials for the day. Turn up the fun a notch with a playful purse that really makes a statement.

Now get out there and have some festival fun in the sun, but don’t forget all these essential tips and tricks to stay cool while doing it. How do you beat the late summer heat? Share with us in the comments below.