Beat the Heat with These Summer Treats

Beat the Heat with These Summer Treats

Summer is finally here, and nothing screams “summer” more than ice cream!

Whether you’re lounging around the pool with your best gal pal, or it’s just a #treatyourself kind of day, there’s no better way to cool down in this summer heat than with a frosty treat. The best part is, not only is it mouth-watering delicious, it’s also really photogenic. Add a cool factor to your Instagram feed with a polaroid snap of your frozen treat!

From unique flavors to non-traditional serving styles, check out the gallery below to activate some serious sweet tooth cravings.

This dessert is anything but ordinary. This Hungarian-inspired dessert starts off with a kurtos kalacs, a sweet cone-shaped dough tossed in cinnamon sugar (similar to a Mexican churro), filled with smooth vanilla ice cream, and topped off with a pretzel, caramel popcorn and an extra drizzle of creamy caramel sauce.

Where: Eva’s Original Chimneys

Who would have thought of turning a root vegetable into an ice cream flavor? Ube (pronounced oo-bae) is a purple yam originating from the Philippines. A crispy chocolate waffle cone filled with smooth ube soft serve and topped with colourful Fruity Pebbles—wait, is this ice cream actually healthy?

Where: Soft Swerve

Gelato, a classic Italian treat is made from a base of milk, cream, and sugar. Did you know gelato has less fat than ice cream? I usually use that as an excuse to add an extra scoop! My favourite gelato flavour is pistachio.

Where: Mantovani 1946

This last one is for all my chocolate lovers. You can never go wrong with a classic chocolate sundae. Grab some rich vanilla soft serve with hot chocolate sauce and cookie crumbles on top, and indulge yourself in some decadent chocolatey goodness.

Where: Soft Peaks

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