Basic Summer Outfit Essentials Everyone Should Have

August 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

Due to the weather, summer can be a tricky season for fashion. However, if you have the essentials, your summer style will be rocking all season long. While sporting extravagant outfits inspired by mainstream fashion icons can be tempting, summer is a great season to keep it simple and explore your own unique style.

As the weather is warming up it is important to keep cool. Crop tops are a great way to achieve that. While trends have recently moved towards choker band T-shirts, the crop top still remains a timeless and practical summer outfit essential. Due to the vast variety of styles that they come in, there is a crop top that fits everyone’s personal style. Not only is their versatility appealing, their practicality is as well. The material is mostly thin, allowing the Fashionista maximum breathability in the summer heat.

Although crop tops remain timeless in the ever-changing fashion world, there is a basic essential that is being slept on. The heat can discourage many from rocking a pair of jeans. However, not only do they serve as a great option for any outfit, they can also protect you from the potentially damaging rays of the summer sun. While caught up in working on your summer glow, it can be easy to forget sun protection. With jeans, you already have an incredibly fashionable built-in protectant. Similar to the crop top, jeans also come in a variety of styles, leaving you with endless unique fashion options.

To spice up any outfit, accessories are a great option. Whether it be a nice pair of shoes or an expressive makeup look, accessories are a great way to complete any outfit regardless of the season.

Summer is a great time to express your own sense of style, and when you have two incredibly practical and versatile clothing options, you can never go wrong. Tag @Cfashionista in your posts rocking your summer essentials!