August Mood Board—Go For Gold!

If ever there were a month made for golden moments, this August has to be it. The long awaited Rio Olympics kick off and soon the world will be dazzled by the glory, upsets and vibrant Brazilian backdrop. But the Olympics are about more than just the feats of strength and medal counts. They are about being the best and not just for yourself or even your country. In a world of chaos and catastrophe, the Olympics seems to unify us all and invites us to celebrate the human condition.


While most of us aren’t actually vying for medals in Rio, that doesn’t mean we can’t harness that Olympic spirit in our everyday lives. This month, we all have our own personal moments for victory. From finishing out your internship on a high to relishing the last bits of summer to starting off your new school year being your best self, August is full of opportunities to rise to the occasion and make your own golden moments.


This month, we invite you to go for gold. Get that glowing recommendation (or even maybe a job offer!) from your internship. Actually tackle the remaining activities on your summer bucket list. Prepare and commit to making this the best school year yet. No matter what you do nor how big the task, give it 100 percent and you may just surprise yourself with a medal-worthy outcome.


All month long, we here at CollegeFashionista will be bringing you content that encourages, inspires and supports you as you go for gold. From exclusive career advice, tips for the new school year and, of course, how to have those gold medal worthy fashion moments, get ready to be the champion of your own life.


To kick-off this month, check out our August Mood Board on Pinterest to help give you some serious motivation to “Go For Gold!”