AROUND TOWN: York Project

AROUND TOWN: York Project

It is important to many college students that they find a way to give back to the community. Whether it is through donating canned goods, putting in volunteer hours or even participating in an alternative spring break trip, every bit helps. Josh York’s decision to give back turned into a thriving street style apparel company with a mission to fight homelessness. For every product that York Project sells, the company donates a needed article of clothing to a homeless man or woman on the streets of an American city.

Name: Josh York

Role: Founder of York Project

CollegeFashionista: Where did the inspiration to create York Project come from?

Josh York: The inspiration was twofold. Fashion-wise, I just made clothes for myself that I wanted to wear. I always thought it would be awesome to give back to my community in my own way, so when I had a product that was getting some traction, I thought it was the perfect vehicle to give back!

CF: How have you been able to see the impact of your donations?

JY: I’ve seen the literal impact of my donations in the reactions of people receiving them.  On a larger scale; however, donating to one person inspires two other people to also do something good. By donating something myself, I’ve seen many more people outside of homeless situations get inspired to give back and do good things for people around them, and that’s where I feel the greatest impact lies.

CF: Where do you hope to see the company go in the future?

JY: In the future, I hope to be employing previously homeless individuals and continuing to expand the reach of the mission and sales across the country!

CF: Do you have a personal favorite piece you’ve designed for the line?

JY: It’s tough to say what my personal favorite piece that I’ve designed is, because like I said, I pretty much just make stuff that I find cool or would like to wear. However, I’d say it’s probably the branded logo that appears on the hoodie, T-shirt and coming soon tank top.  They’re all simple gray garments with the logo and catchphrase: “Be part of something larger than yourself”.  I’m super proud of the design and also think the slogan encompasses everything that the brand is trying to convey. They’re also super soft and comfortable!

Learn More: You can shop for your own York Project apparel and give back in the process at Stay up to date and follow the adventures of Josh York and his team on Instagram.

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