AROUND TOWN: Wild Earth Outfitters

In addition to the countless new businesses dotting Acorn Alley, Erie Street, South Water and East Main, Kent has also begun to embrace the wild love of the outdoors that has always been here. A sharp contrast from my hometown of NYC, I’ve found myself relishing the season where I can find a place all my own, momentarily forget my anxieties (and hay fever) and catch up with a good book.

The combined experience and zeal for the outdoors that Tim, Meg and Tyler have bring a unique knowledge of the products and brands represented in the store, and you need not stray far to put to use whatever gear you acquire. There’s several ways to enjoy the beautiful spring season, and many outlets for adventure right here in (sometimes sunny) Kent.

Names: Tim Nightengale, Meg Goubeaux, Tyler Vig
Roles: Manager, Store Associate, Store Associate

CollegeFashionista: How do you describe the store’s style?

Tim Nightengale:  I would call this a lifestyle outdoor travel shop.

Meg Goubeaux: We’re here to sell outdoor adventure gear. One of the first things I liked about this store was how homey it felt.

Tyler Vig: It inspires adventure, I guess. Our mantra for next season is the urban outdoorsman, so kind of a lifestyle, technical look.

CF: How do you feel Wild Earth has contributed to Kent?

MG: We’re one of the only shops like this in the area, so we reach a wide radius. It gives people here a place to get their gear in a convenient place.

T: It’s brought out more of the adventure spirit that’s always been here but has never had a home. We have a lot of regulars, people who come to say hi. It’s contributed to Kent in the sense of how people have recently been taking more advantage of the outdoor activities that Kent has to offer. For example, they recently opened a livery on the river.

CF: What are some of your favorite pieces currently in the store?

TN: Certainly the Patagonia lightweight snap tee I think is a great piece. For footwear: Keen, Merrill and all the different items we carry from those brands. The Merrill Moab for men and women are always pretty popular. Of our packs and travel luggage, Osprey is always a big seller.

MG: I love everything; we have some really cool tents here.

T: I really like our T-shirts: the camp, climb and hike Ohio shirts that we sell here.

CF: What item from the store do you recommend that every college student own?

TN: Smartwool socks. Warm, comfortable and perfect for this type of weather and this time of year!

Learn More: Go outside! Explore! Wander! Of course, stop here first to ensure that you’re properly outfitted for whatever adventure you decide to embark on. Wild Earth Outfitters is located at 175 E. Erie St., right next to Tree City Coffee, where you can sit down and begin to plan your next (or first) adrenaline-filled escapade.