AROUND TOWN: The Lucky Exchange

The Lucky Exchange is a vintage store that sells and buys back all of the top designers from Ralph Lauren to Balmain. Located right on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia, this vintage boutique is nothing short of fabulous! My favorite part about the store is the variety of clothing that it sells. An oversized pair of sunglasses with a cool leather jacket or a suede mini skirt and a vintage T-shirt? You can find all of that here. You will be sure to walk out with something in your hand. I chatted with The Lucky Exchange’s sales associate to discuss this Atlanta favorite.

Name: CJ

Role: Sales Associate, Lucky Exchange


College Fashionista: How is The Lucky Exchange different from other vintage stores?


CJ: First of all, it has been here for 11 years. Also, we not only sell vintage clothing, but we buy back as well.


CF: What designer is most sold here?


CJ: Ralph Lauren, Levi Brand Jeans, Lacoste, and Member Only. There are lots of different vintage labels.


CF: What spring trend are you most excited for?


CJ: Distressed jeans and ripped shorts.


CF: Describe your favorite vintage find.


CJ: Someone sold a Balmain, leather motorcycle jacket to us. I have no idea why they sold that item. It was so cool!


CF: Do you like mixing vintage with new finds? If so, in what way?

CJ: I like mixing vintage tops with new finds. A lot of women come in the store looking for something vintage to pair with their newly purchased item. Vintage is forever.

Learn More: To get your hands on your favorite vintage label, visit The Lucky Exchange at 212 Ponce De Leon Avenue Atlanta, GA or at their website.