AROUND TOWN: Simone Abegunrin

Remember when you first opened up a fashion magazine, skimming over pages and pages of beautiful models and even more beautiful clothing? Remember the way the glimmering dress or the bright red lipstick caught you eye and piqued your interest in fashion? Most love for fashion began with photographs, and you can thank the fashion photographers for that. Well this Fashionista here, decked in an asymmetrical denim dress and burgundy boots, shares insight into the life of a fashion photographer.

Name: Simone Abegunrin
Role: Student Fashion Photographer

CollegeFashionista: When did you first begin photography?

Simone Abegunrin: I first began photography in my freshman year of high school; I took an introductory course on a whim and was hooked from there. After that first year of learning the basics, I decided to pursue my craft outside of a regimented class and taught myself everything else!

CF: What drew you towards photographing fashion and clothing?

SA: I was always interested in fashion since I was a young girl. I would steal my mother’s Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire magazines in order to obsess over the fashions, analyze the composition of the campaigns and gain inspiration for my own designs. In fact, for a final project in middle school, I designed and sewed my first dress, and in senior year I designed my own prom dress. The perfect opportunity to merge my dual interests in fashion and photography occurred when my friend’s mother was a jewelry designer and needed photos of her jewelry on models for her website; my friend let her know that I was a photographer and next thing I knew I was directing my own fashion photography shoot. I performed all the make-up, styling, photography and editing. It was a whirlwind experience but it has inspired me to pursue more fashion-related endeavors!

CF: Do you see yourself continuing fashion photography in the future?

SA: As exhilarating as fashion photography is, I still view it as a hobby. My true career passions lie in the foreign policy and diplomacy realm. However, if more chances for photography arise and the time permits, I will definitely avail the opportunities.

CF: If you were given the opportunity to photograph any fashion icon, who would you pick and why?

SA: I actually consider Rihanna a modern fashion icon. I would love to photograph her as she is not only visually striking but also spunky personality-wise, a trait with which I can definitely identify. Additionally, she takes some of the most exciting fashion risks on the scene right now. She is so edgy and unpredictable that I imagine the photo shoot would be a whirlwind of excitement, challenge, rewards and general awesomeness.

CF: What is one thing in your closet that you can’t live without?

SA: My crop tops!

Learn More: Simone Elise Aduke Abegunrin is a first-year student currently studying Government with a focus in International Relations at Harvard College. You can see more of her photography or follow her style journey on her Instagram.