AROUND TOWN: Runway Fashion Exchange

AROUND TOWN: Runway Fashion Exchange

Is your wardrobe a little drab lately? Well, look no further than Runway Fashion Exchange, a little hidden gem in downtown Corvallis that is a college student’s dream come true when it comes to affordable prices. It recently opened about four months ago, offering new and gently used items for both men and women. People can also sell their clothes here for either cash or store credit. Upon walking into the store, which is on the corner of Madison Avenue and Third Street, you’ll notice that there are many items to choose from. However, it’s easy to navigate your way around the store, since it is well organized. The store has a Buffalo Exchange feel to it, without the expensive price tag. I met up with the owners to talk all about their newly opened but growing store.

Names: Kendra and Chris Beery

Roles: Owners of Runway Fashion Exchange

CollegeFashionista: What made you decide to open up a store like this one here in Corvallis?

Kendra Beery: We decided to open up Runway Fashion Exchange in Corvallis because there was a need for this kind of store in this small college town. Also, we were looking for a small town to raise our two boys.

CF: What makes this store different from the others?

Chris Beery: There is definitely a fun atmosphere here in our store. We really break the mold of mom’s resale with all our decorations and loud music. Runway Fashion Exchange also does cash payout, which is faster than your typical consignment store.

CF: What are some guidelines for people looking to sell their clothes?

CB: They have to be in good condition and sellable. Also, we look for things that are on trend and that fit our demographic, which are high school and college students.

 CF: So, what are your favorite trends right now?

KB: I love the crop top trend! I think it’s so cute paired with high-waisted shorts and circle skirts. I also love long sweaters and bold patterns that I see people wearing.

CF: What are some of your favorite finds so far when buying items?

CB: My favorite finds so far are these gold glittery Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes that literally sold within two minutes.

CF: Do you guys have any plans for the near future?

KB: Well, we are building a spa in the basement that will offer massage and threading services. Also, we are looking to expand our store, so we can hold more inventory.

Learn More: Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe or earn a little extra cash, stop by Runway Fashion Exchange, located at 264 S.W. Madison Ave. in downtown Corvallis.