AROUND TOWN: Rapture Retail and Resale

As college students, we’re all too familiar with the phrase that one Fashionista’s trash has the potential to be another Fashionista’s treasure. This mantra is the driving force behind Rapture Retail and Resale. Located a few miles off campus, this chic consignment boutique offers up an array of vintage and designer pieces that are perfect for the Fashionista who is on the hunt for something unique. I had a quick chat with one of Rapture’s sales associates to get a closer look at what makes this shop so special.

Name: Raquel Infante

Role: Sales Associate, Rapture Retail and Resale

CollegeFashionista: What inspired the owners to open Rapture?

Raquel Infante: They used to travel a lot and would always check out the consignment stores they found. After all these trips, they realized that Laredo was missing a store like this and they wanted to bring a more unique shopping experience to the area. They firmly believe in the saying that someone’s trash can be another person’s treasure.

CF: How do you think local college students can benefit from a store like Rapture?

RI: Since a lot of college students are really busy, money can get a little tight sometimes. For that reason, our clothing starts at $3 to allow these students to get good deals on anything they need. From career clothing to party dresses, they can find pretty much anything here! Also, if they’re looking to clean out their closets, we do buy clothes as well.

CF: Can you tell me a bit about Rapture’s products?

RI: We sell anything from Forever 21 to Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel and even Louis Vuitton. We have a really large array of products here, but all of our customers are obsessed with our handbags.

CF: What are some of the most unique items you’ve ever seen at Rapture?

RI: We had a beautiful green Roberto Cavalli gown. It looked exactly like something Jennifer Lopez would have worn!

Learn More: If you’re looking for something special to add to your closet this spring, head on over to Rapture, located at 7220 Bob Bullock Loop in Laredo, Texas.