AROUND TOWN: Popsikle Shop

This store is eye-catching if you happen to walk by, a colorful trailer with racks of clothing and tables of accessories next to it. The first mobile boutique in Orange County, Popsikle Shop is just as dreamy as it sounds. A reflection of owner Crystal Rey’s love for all things girly, the vintage thrift store is decorated with flowers and prints that attract attention when it’s unhitched at farmer’s markets.

Name: Crystal Rey

Role: Owner

CollegeFashionista: Why did you decide to start a mobile boutique rather than a regular brick and mortar shop?

Crystal Rey: I didn’t have money basically. It was either I invest in something else or go with the whole mobile boutique idea. I did a lot of research online and in the Midwest three years ago they were getting old trailers, renovating and making them vintage stores but no one brought it to L.A. yet so I was like okay, I’ll be the first.

CF: What’s the inspiration behind items that you have in the store?

CR: I’m a ‘90s/‘80s girl. I was born in the ‘80s so I love ‘90s scrunchies, Clueless; Mean Girls; basically really really girly stuff. I am all about that and prints. That’s my thing. A lot of prints. I love Betsey Johnson, and she’s really about that so I wanted to incorporate a Betsey Johnson kinda thrift store. That’s my whole idea, the theme is Betsey Johnson/Mean Girls. Nobody else has this type of store so I just went with it and honestly, girls are loving it.

CF: What are some of the special things Popsikle Shop has?

CR: The whole store is my life in one little thing. I’m in love with Mean Girls so I have my burn book inside and everyone signs that as a guestbook. That was a big deal too because I did a YouTube tutorial on how to make one and I’m the only one.

CF: How much has the store grown since you first started?

CR: It’s a week by week process so the growth is there, and the beauty of it is that it’s growing without having to cut out a bunch of my money. I’m growing slowly; I’m growing with my community. That’s why I love the mobile boutique, it’s pretty much go at your pace. You can push it, or you can not push it. For me, I’ve just been pushing it out as much as I can.

Learn More: If you’re in the Southern California area, follow Popsikle Shop on Facebook and Instagram so you know just where to find them and don’t miss out on their sales. Their website will also be up on days that the store isn’t open.