AROUND TOWN: Nosilla Vintage

January 19th, 2015 at 2:00am
AROUND TOWN: Nosilla Vintage

New, crisp and clean Nosilla Vintage livens up the traditional brick-and-mortar with beautiful brick and fresh white to compliment the brightest prints and colors. Welcoming me, effervescent photo stylist/vintage connoisseur, Allison and I sit for a chat on Nosilla’s organic beginnings.

Name: Allison Weldon

Role: Owner of Nosilla Vintage

CollegeFashionista: What is your fashion story?

Allison Weldon: When I was little, my mom used to take me to consignment and thrift stores. I remember her putting me in this huge bin of shoes, and I used to try on all the high heels and say, “One day all of these shoes will fit me!” I grew up seeing her sew, and I didn’t have a lot of the store bought clothes. It was all mixed in there, so I had to get creative to stay on trend. In high school, I got over trying to fit in and started wearing whatever I wanted and embracing thrift stores. Even though it was kind of necessity, it was mostly for the fun. I’ve always been attracted to what isn’t the norm.

CF: Cool, what is the inspiration behind Nosilla Vintage?

AW: Nosilla is Allison backwards. [laughs]

CF: [laughs] I was going to ask you where the name came from!

AW: Yeah [laughs]. Again, it kind of came out of necessity. When I was in college, I opened an online store to sell vintage and help me pay my way through college. It was always a part-time thing until a few years ago when I realized it was a lot of fun. I really love finding things. I know what I want to present through Nosilla and to the person who shops here.

CF: If you could best describe your consumer, how would you do so?

AW: That’s the awesome thing about vintage. It runs the gamut of style. So, when I think about the person that shops here, I like to think of all the people that would shop here and how they are not all the same.

CF: So, what sets you apart from other thrift/ vintage stores?

AW: When I decided to open up a store, it was because I liked the idea of having something that was super curated. A lot of vintage stores have newer things that aren’t really vintage-inspired. So, I wanted something really clean, curated, organized and non-smelly. Everything is washed, mended and altered.

CF: Where does the selection come from, and how does that process go?

AW: I like to think about the overall. Would this fit in someone’s wardrobe now? A lot of things I organically come across. Sometimes things are brought in or someone says, “My grand aunt just died, would you like to come to the estate and check out a few things?” That’s the ideal situation because that’s the good stuff.  Thrifting is more supplemental for newer trends, like ‘90s pieces.

CF: Any tips for the up-and-coming vintage girl?

AW: Patience, attention to detail and studying different time periods. There are staples, but the individual characteristics are what make it special.

Learn More: Check out Nosilla Vintage at 500 South Elm Street or their booth at Design Archives, just up the street! Be sure to follow their Instagram and Twitter for your daily vintage fix.