AROUND TOWN: Natalia Forsey

With a campus so far from New York City, students have no choice but to create their own fantasies and dream worlds to make this expansive campus feel like it’s theirs. Nostalgic for the feeling of the ’60s and ’70s, a time of freedom and music scene with the world’s greatest, Natalia Forsey sets out to recreate those feelings and moments. I caught up with her in the fashion design studio downtown to learn more about her and her new collection.

Name: Natalia Forsey

Role: Student Designer

CollegeFashionista: Why fashion design?

Natalia Forsey: I started as an art photography student after taking some classes over the summer back home in California, but found that studying it for four years wouldn’t be enough. I then applied to fashion design without any sewing experience but it was an easy transition. I love the fashion and culture that surrounds the music scene in Los Angeles. I’m really inspired by the ’60s and ’70s and how music and life used to be

CF: Who are some of your favorite designers and collections?

NF: I love Saint Laurent and Hedi Slimane’s work with the brand. One of the inspirations for his spring/summer 2014 were glam rock groupies like Sable Starr and my godmother Lori Maddox. The photos and stories from that time are the main inspiration for my senior collection. There will be fur coats, leather skirts and jackets with the ’70s-inspired silhouettes.

CF: Where do you see yourself after graduation?

NF: I want to go to New York City and spend the summer or even a year there then move back to Los Angeles. I’d like to explore and move to Santa Fe, New Mexico at some point too. 

Learn More: Make sure to keep up with Natalia’s and the other senior fashion designer’s collections on the SU Collection Facebook and Instagram page.