AROUND TOWN: Meghan McCarthy

Fashion shows are so glamorous. The elegant models, the lights of the city, Karl Lagerfeld to the left and Diane von Furstenberg to the right… what is there not to love? Well this Fashionista has been in the heart of it all at the BCBGMAXAZRIA fashion show during New York Fashion Week! What a dream, right? She is now applying her New York City fashion show experience to Kent State University’s biggest fashion show of the year, FS2.

Name: Meghan McCarthy
Role: Junior Co-Producer

CollegeFashionista: What are your responsibilities as a Junior Co-Producer?

Meghan McCarthy: A lot of shadowing with the Senior Co-Producers! One of my many jobs is overseeing every aspect behind the scenes, such as the venue, committees, training the ushers and ordering the food for the entire team. Fashion show production is not all glamour, it consists of a lot of random little tasks.

CF: What big surprises can we look for? Special guests? Venue? Theme?

MM: Let me think of what I am allowed to tell you…let’s just say this show will be much different than the past. There is a different aesthetic that is based on really showcasing designers’ work. Our inspiration for the show is coming from haute couture shows. Very different! Very fun! 

CF: How are you applying your experience at New York Fashion Week with BCBGMAXAZRIA to FS2?

MM: At the BCBGMAXAZRIA show I was thrown into it with last minute preparations. FS2 doesn’t have to be produced based off of last minute decisions, I have time to actually think through the results! It was crazy to watch BCBGMAXAZRIA scramble and stress. With FS2, I can see what needs to be prepared ahead of time so there is no craziness behind the scenes.

CF: Is producing a fashion show what you expected?

MM: Honestly, no. When one thinks of a fashion show, he/she thinks about all of the things during the show, such as the models and glamorous clothes. So many details behind the scenes are crucial to the show’s success. It’s the little details from a perfect venue, number of seat, and models. There is so much planning! I knew there would be planning but… WOW. 

Learn More: If you want to see FS2 come to life in front of your own eyes, the show dates are April 24th and 25th. The show will take place outside of the Kent State University Fashion School on the Esplanade.