AROUND TOWN: Luke Severin

A lot of people underestimate young artists; however, this artist and fashion designer proves all of those people wrong. With a busy schedule, this student, fashion designer, blogger and artist blows everyone away with his talent, determination and hard work.

Name: Luke Severin
Role: Student Designer and Blogger

CollegeFashionista: What first inspired you to become a fashion designer?

Luke Severin: I fell in love with visual arts at a young age and, basically, there was never an afternoon when I didn’t have a pencil in my hand. As I got older, I found designing clothes was a way to bring my ideas to life. Over time, it became a real addiction to the culture of it. There’s just something so classy and cool about runways and streetstyle and fashion people in general that I just had to be a part of it.

CF: What is your favourite thing about running a blog?

LS: I love having a blog because it’s a great way to put yourself out there. I can show off my portfolio, my designs and keep a visual diary of adventures and experiences I think are worthwhile. It’s also really addictive and fun. I find it a good stress reliever.

CF: If given the opportunity, is there any specific event that you would love to be able to attend to blog about and why?

LS: Honestly, if I could spend an hour in a major couture house or an hour alone in a major art gallery or museum and be allowed to take pictures, I think I would just go crazy. I think just being in the presence of creative people inspires me. If I had the opportunity to do this, I would have posts for days. It would be unforgettable.

CF: What do you hope to achieve as a young fashion professional?

LS: I think I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve built up so far. I want to keep trying to do new things, meeting new people and taking on new challenges. I’m currently in the process of giving my blog a complete overhaul for a more professional presence and building a capsule collection to launch my brand later this year. I can only hope that I continue to stay motivated to make my brand successful and create something that excites people.

Learn More: Check out Luke’s art and designs on his blog, IIVIO, and keep a look out for the launch of his brand. It will be worth the wait!