AROUND TOWN: Love Your Melon

Everyone loves beanies. They’re perfect for the long snowy walks to class and occasionally, to hide a bad hair day. When I noticed this Fashionista’s beanie, I had to ask all about it. This is Kelly Klupchak and she is a Public Relations major at Illinois State University. She is wearing a Love Your Melon beanie and her passion for these specific beanies is beyond words. At Love Your Melon every beanie has a mission. For every hat purchased, Love Your Melon puts an identical hat on a child in America battling through cancer. Through this and other donations, this amazing organization is also able to provide therapeutic entertainment for these children. Not to mention, they are all so versatile and can be styled to fit your own wardrobe! Now, let’s hear more about Kelly’s story with Love Your Melon.

Name: Kelly Klupchak

Role: Love Your Melon Campus Ambassador

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to be part of the campus ambassador crew for Love Your Melon here at Illinois State University?

Kelly Klupchak: I first heard about Love Your Melon from my friend who is very involved at her university. I saw her posts about it all over Facebook and wanted to purchase a hat. I went on the website to buy one and was so intrigued I spent about an hour reading about the organization. I absolutely fell in love with it. I love the mission and the fact that it is ran by college students. I immediately wanted to get involved and am so excited to spread the word about Love Your Melon at Illinois State!

CF: How would you explain what Love Your Melon is all about to someone who has never heard about it?

KK: It is a non-profit organization run by college students supporting kids battling cancer with a mission to put a hat on every child fighting cancer in America. For every hat purchased an identical one is given to a child going through the difficult cancer treatment process. As a campus crew, we will be hosting donation events at the local Children’s Hospital and delivering the donated hats! It truly is an amazing cause.

CF: Although, I love all of the hats, which one would you recommend to a Fashionista/o?

KK: They are all so cute, but I love my beanie! And you can match it with a stylish Love Your Melon scarf!

Learn More: To make a purchase or even get involved on your on campus, visit