AROUND TOWN: LaKeshia Allen

One of my favorite parts of having the role of Style Guru on a campus acclaimed for its fashion program is without a doubt talking to different Fashionistas about what inspires them, and I especially enjoy it when they recommend stores and boutiques that I’ve never heard before. Read below to learn about one of KSU’s many unique fashion students, and maybe you’ll find your new favorite place to shop!

Name: LaKeshia Allen
Role: Fashion Design Student

CollegeFashionista: Can you tell me where you bought everything that you’re wearing?

LaKeshia Allen: I love my Nike Air Jordans (although I don’t remember where I got them from). I got my joggers from Wet Seal and my camouflage overcoat I got from Gabriel Brothers.

CF: Whose style do you look up to for inspiration?

LA: I love Rihanna’s style, and a lesser-known rapper from California, her name is Jai Nice. She has her own clothing line, Kloset Envy, and I love everything in it.

CF: If you could trade wardrobes with absolutely anyone, who would you pick?

LA: Rihanna or Lady Gaga.

CF: Out of all the trends that rose out of 2014, which one do you see most likely remaining for the duration of 2015?

LA: I can see joggers staying for a long time because there’s just so many opportunities for design opportunities to make them appealing for every type of style, as well as guys and girls having an equal selection. I also see denim combinations, such as wearing denim on denim still being popular.

CF: Any fashionable New Year’s resolutions for yourself?

LA: I would like to put just a little more effort in my outfits in regards to taking more risks.

CF: What is your must-have item?

LA: I love rings, little earrings and just jewelry overall. If I lose any of them, I get really upset. As far as clothing, I cannot live without my joggers.

CF: What’s something that people wouldn’t assume about you based on your wardrobe?

LA: What people wouldn’t guess about me based on my wardrobe is that I really don’t spend a lot of money on my clothes. I frequently go to and shop a lot online because you can find things online that you wouldn’t typically see in Cleveland. My secret is just getting more for less; you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be fashionable.

Learn More: Keep your eye on the lookout for LaKeshia, who’s destined to be a standout in the Cleveland fashion scene, a city she takes great pride in. I’d also recommend keeping this Fashionista’s winning combination in your fashion arsenal, because it’s a look that can be easily recreated on a day when you’re running late, but don’t want anyone to guess that you actually hadn’t put much effort into your outfit at all! It just takes three major components: some noticeable sneakers, your favorite pair of joggers and an eye-catching jacket. Keep the jewelry to a minimum with some small-yet-noticable studs. That’s it!