AROUND TOWN: Kelc Galluzzo

Musician, artist, inspiration, friend and barista are some of the many titles Kelc Galluzzo holds, but fashion designer is also one of them. Kelc always seems to channel her talent into different mediums where she gets the recognition she deserves. Always inspired, Kelc is constantly working on an array of projects. Inspiring and down-to-earth, Kelc is one everyone should keep an eye out for.

Name: Kelc Galluzzo
Role: Designer, Musician and Artist

CollegeFashionista: You’re primarily a musician, what made you get into designing your own clothes and jewelry?

Kelc Galluzzo: You know that moment in high school where you’re wearing the same outfit as someone? Imagine wearing the same thing as someone to a shoot or while performing on stage—it’s so awkward. It’s important as a musician to represent yourself as an individual. Fashion is a perfect way to express that. I’m built smaller, so it’s easy to make my own clothes, too.

CF: What are some of your favorite pieces to design and what are your go-to items in your closet whenever you are performing?

KG: Some of my favorite things to design are dresses, bralettes and skirts. During a show, my go-to clothing item is definitely black skinny jeans and shoes that won’t fall off while I’m moving and performing. Lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate a black hoodie into my performances.

CF: What are some of your future plans with your art and design work?

KG: My future plans include launching my new music project Jetty Bones, which is very different from my other work. The genre of this project is melodic indie music. I used to be in bands that would be considered more alternative. It’s definitely a change from what I usually do. I’m working on jewelry I’m designing for my Etsy store.

CF: What do you enjoy most about designing, as well as all of the other forms of art you channel?

KG: My favorite thing about art is that you can use it as an outlet to turn whatever negative thing you’re dealing with into something positive and beautiful. Then, you can share it and establish a sense of relativity that makes other people feel less alone.

Learn More: Kelc is currently writing and promoting her new music project Jetty Bones, while designing clothing and jewelry on the side. To take a peek inside Kelc’s world and get up-to-date on all her projects. Follow her on her personal Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter pages. To purchase her handmade jewelry, visit her Etsy page.