AROUND TOWN: Kassi Forster

Dressing up, playing with makeup and strutting on a pretend runway were some of this Fashionista’s favorite childhood memories. Watching how a little bit of rouge, a bright pink lipstick and some bold eye shadow could completely transform a familiar face fascinated her. That childhood make-believe has been translated into the grown up occupation of a makeup artist. There is definitely an incredible art form and technique that goes into professionally applying makeup and this Fashionista wants to master it.

Name: Kassi Forster

Role: Student, Aspiring Makeup Artist

CollegeFashionista: What are you currently majoring in?

Kassi Forster: I am majoring in business management and marketing, with a minor in communications.

CF: Once you graduate, is that where your career is headed or are you hoping to do something a little different?

KF: Once I graduate, I am hoping to pursue a career in makeup, as a fashion makeup artist.

CF: What inspired you to follow that path?

KF: When I was younger, like 10 years old, I used to give my younger cousins makeovers, and I think I’ve loved makeup ever since then.

CF: What would you like to do as a makeup artist?

KF: I could do makeup for models in runway shows, bridal makeup or even makeup for actors and actresses in movies and TV shows.

CF: Where will you be studying for your cosmetology license?

KF: I will be going to Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Learn More: Kassi will be finishing up her junior and senior year, then headed to cosmetology school to start her career as a makeup artist. Be sure to look for her skillful handiwork in years to come!