AROUND TOWN: Jasmine Auriel

We’ve all agreed to spend four years of our youth skimming over countless textbooks and cramming for midterms, just to be granted a wizard-like robe, a cardboard hat and a small piece of paper; but what happens next, after your tassel that firmly rests on the left side of your cap, and everything you’ve worked for your entire life for has come and gone? The most ingenious part of a true Fashionista is being able to forge her own path, making something beautiful out of nothing at all, just as this recent University of Washington Foster’s School of Business grad did. Having always dreamed of a career in the fashion industry, she’s aggregated lessons learned from inside and outside of the classroom to follow her dreams.

Name: Jasmine Auriel

Role: Product Coordinator

College Fashionista: Describe your signature style/look.

Jasmine Auriel: Layers and comfortable. The more that it feels like I am wearing sweats but doesn’t look like it, the better.

CF: What inspired you to go into the fashion industry? 

JA: Fashion is a daily expression of who you are and how you feel. You can be completely someone else by changing your personal style. You can add confidence, get the job you want or have an amazing night. I always wanted to be a part of that.

CF: What’s your dream career?

JA: I have several dream jobs. Within the fashion world, I would love to be a fashion trend forecaster or a street style reporter. I would love to own my own business. Whether that be in fashion or something outside of the industry, I would love to do something that I am passionate about as well as gives back to our world. 

CF: What is the most valuable lesson your learned in college?

JA: The most valuable lesson I learned in college is to enjoy it and work hard. Remember you’re going to college for a purpose—to do something great afterwards and gain a better life for yourself. However, don’t get weighed down in that pressure. College is one of the only times you’ll be able to travel, spend hours goofing around with friends and explore career options with internships. Take advantage of everything and anything; you can go to bed early after you start working.

CF: What advice do you have for aspiring business of fashion students?

JA: Network, network, network. Not just for a job—although, that is how I have gotten 95 percent of my jobs so far. But also, gain mentors. Pick people that you would want to be and ask them how they got there. After college, there is no guide book anymore. Being able to ask people who know what they are talking about for their advice on career decisions and more, is invaluable. 

Learn More: Jasmine is currently working for Nordstrom Corporate as a product coordinator. Make sure to watch for her as she branches out, and plunges deeper into the industry on her own.