AROUND TOWN: House of Bleu

A hidden gem is exactly what House of Bleu represents when you are walking around the village in down town Port Jefferson. Last summer, this boutique opened up and when I first walked in they grabbed my heart with their love for fashion and the latest trends that any Fashionista/o would appreciate. Their location right next to the Long Island Sound will draw you in like the waves that come up on the north shore. This is my go-to store for any type of occasion in need for an outfit and both times I visited I was able to speak with both of the owners.

Name: Alana Kroman & Monique Rodriquez

Role: Owners, House of Bleu

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe House of Bleu’s style of clothing that you can find here?

Alana Kroman: I would say that part of our style is boho-chic and also has a laid back kind of style.

Monique Rodriquez: Alana is trendier so that’s why we have some trendy pieces of what’s in style as well. The surfer style is more of me so we have lots of Billabong Element and Junk Food.

CF: What inspired you both to open this boutique?

AK: I was doing this previously for six years. So I thought “Why not try to do it on my own?” Then I met my friend Monique who also wanted to open up at store.

MR: I was a teacher at the time of meeting Alana but I wanted to do something I was passionate about and my dream was to open up a clothing store. 

CF: In this upcoming year, what kinds of trends do you think we’ll be seeing?

AK: Going into spring and summer we ordered a lot of Billabong beach pants and similar pants to that with lots of lace as well. Generally we go for girly but not intimidating in your face kind of girly. We’ll be having kimonos and beach cover up kind of stuff.

MR: We’re going to New York City to the Javits Center in February for the Fame show and going to a surf expo at the end of the month. Spring and summer are more bohemian but laid back with a surfer edge to it. It’s more about comfort and a boyfriend kind of look.

Learn More: If you’re feeling this boho-chic and mix of savvy and trendy kind of vibes visit House of Bleu located at 106 W Broadway, Port Jefferson, New York or you can visit them via Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.