AROUND TOWN: Erica Spaeth

Whether your interest in fashion is a hobby or a full-blown career, everyone has to start the journey somewhere. No matter how small the first step, it’s a step in the right direction. This Fashionista is just a freshie at Pitt and is already taking steps to prepare for a future career in the fashion industry. Erica just recently created a personal account on Instagram where she features her own personal style, interacts with designers and encourages peers to play a part in the Pittsburgh fashion scene.

Name: Erica Spaeth
Role: Instagram Fashionista

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to create an Instagram page dedicated to fashion?

Erica Spaeth: I’ve been following many different designers on Instagram, and I loved all the clothes they posted. I also joined University of Pittsburgh’s Fashion Business Association last semester. By following Meredith Kearns (President of FBA) and seeing her CollegeFashionista profile, I decided to jump in and get involved in the best photo sharing social network out there. I also made a CollegeFashionista profile so that I could follow fashion trends popping up on campuses all over the country.

CF: What are some of the most popular trends you’ve noticed at Pitt?

ES: Pittsburgh is a colorful city, but it’s always cold! A big trend in my area would be a colorful pair of leggings—they are both stylish and practical. I like to wear leggings of all colors and patterns. I’ve noticed lots of colorful patterned leggings around Oakland. I have also noticed lots of cute scarves this winter. They are great accessories on cold or chilly days.

CF: How do you stay up to date on current fashion trends?

ES: I stay current in various ways. I follow many different designers on Instagram as well as periodically check fashion oriented websites to see what new designers are carrying. I regularly browse Moda Operandi and subscribe to sites like, Fashionista and Textbook. I follow fashion writers such as Tamar Koifman as well as Pitt Style Gurus. The Fashion Business Association has given me additional exposure to new trends. In every meeting, we discuss the latest developments in the fashion world. Last but not least, magazines are always a good go-to!

CF: Who has been your coolest designer shout-out to date?

ES: Tony Bowls is the official evening gown designer for the Miss America Pageant as well as a designer of retail prom dresses. I had posted a photo of myself in my prom dress, which he had designed, and which was coincidentally was also a replica of the dress that Miss America 2013 wore. Tony Bowl’s prom manufacturer and the “evening gown sponsor of the Miss America Pageant” saw my post and commented positively on it. The official Instagram of Tony Bowl also liked my photo. Receiving acknowledgement from designers is awesome, and I look forward to getting more designer attention!

Learn More: Follow @fashionista.pitt.ejs on Instagram to learn more about Erica and her passion for fashion! Erica is especially passionate about designer brands. Check out her KORS Michael Kors leggings and Tory Burch boots.