AROUND TOWN: Eleganza 2015

Eleganza is one of the largest student-run events at Harvard University, annually selling out with over 1,500 attendees. Eleganza prides itself in having the perfect combination of choreography, diversity and fashion. The purpose of this fashion show is to celebrate and highlight the various cultures and backgrounds on campus, all while supporting a good cause! It’s proceeds are donated to the Boston Center For Teen Empowerment, an organization that mentors youth.  I caught up with this Fashionista, who is decked out in an amazing coat, vibrant skirt and knee-high boots, to find out more about Eleganza and its success throughout the years.

Name: Asia Stewart
Role: Member of the Community Service Board

CollegeFashionista: Why did you decide to join the Community Service Board?

Asia Stewart: The Community Service Board offers members the opportunity to directly work and meet with students in the Boston area through the Boston Center for Teen Empowerment. I find mentoring to be extremely worthwhile, and already feel that my own life has been enriched after meeting and speaking with many of the students at the center. Eleganza not only emphasizes fashion, but the key notion of sharing fashion and friendship with others, especially those in your community.

CF: What is your favorite aspect of this show?

AS: I love the fun spirit of Eleganza and how welcoming all of the members are. Each and every member is dedicated to putting together an outstanding show that attracts students from all over campus and the Boston area year after year. I also appreciate that Eleganza recognizes the notion that beauty cannot be encapsulated under any one label or standard, celebrating the true beauty of diversity both onstage and off.

CF: What makes Eleganza unique and different from other fashion shows?

AS: The integration of various styles of dance into the fashion show definitely sets Eleganza apart from other fashion shows. Eleganza models offer dazzling talents and high energy, as they flawlessly strut down a runway and execute a dance routine at the same time. Moving to heart-bounding beats of hip-hop, techno and pop, this year’s show-stopping performance on April 25th will certainly not be one to miss!

Learn More: To learn more about Eleganza or attend this event, you can check out their website here.