AROUND TOWN: Denizen Magazine

AROUND TOWN: Denizen Magazine
Ever wonder who’s behind your campus’ fashion magazine? Until just last year, UCLA didn’t have any sort of fashion-related publication. So, when two innovative Communications majors put their interest, ambition and love for all things fashion together, Denizen Magazine was born.
Name: Phoebe Neuman
Roles: Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief
CollegeFashionista: What sparked your interest to start Denizen?
Phoebe Neuman: I worked on the blog committee of our fashion club, FAST, but I was still unsatisfied with the lack of creative freedom it allowed me. So, when my friend Sam asked me to join her in starting Denizen, I was more than excited and jumped at the opportunity.
CF: Explain the format of the magazine and the type of content it publishes.
PN:  We really focus on getting daily content up on our website and then we compile the best of the best into an online magazine at the end of each quarter. We try very hard to stray from the more typical college fashion blog and attempt to infuse all of our articles with wit and loads of personality.
CF: What has been your favorite part about launching the magazine? Any personal favorite articles or editorial shoots?
PN: My favorite part about launching the magazine has been surpassing my own expectations as to the quality of content we can produce. It’s amazing to know that such a small team can execute visually engaging editorials and write such compelling and original pieces. My favorite shoot was the “Rising Sun” shoot that we did in Palm Desert. It was our first big photo shoot and I think the photos we took in the sand with sun setting in the background looked amazing.
CF: Are there any challenges that you never would have expected to arise?
PN: I think one of the biggest challenges we have is the PR side of Denizen. Since we are so focused on the creative sides of production, it can be hard to take a step back and make sure we are producing something that people will want to look at.
CF: Where do you see it going in the future?
PN: I would love to see Denizen grow into having a big enough staff to be able to have the website and the actual quarterly magazine produce different content. I would also love to see Denizen have enough funds to be able to be printed and circulated around campus.
CF: Which parts of running the magazine do you think will help you in your post-college professional life?
PN: Since there are not many opportunities to intern with fashion magazines in LA, working with Denizen has been a way for me to sort of create my own internship and give myself a crash course in what it is like to work in the world of fashion publications.
Learn More: Get Phoebe’s cute casual look by pairing a suede skirt, jean jacket and Birkenstock sandals. Check out Denizen’s blog style website or peruse their past issues here.