AROUND TOWN: Christopher Cabalona

YouTube has been a game changer in terms of content on the Internet, revolutionising the way we gather new information. Hence, I decided to probe the mind of a fashion YouTuber from the Academy of Art who is majoring in Menswear Fashion Design to gain a better insight of what it takes to be a YouTuber.

Name: Christopher Cabalona

Role: Fashion YouTuber

CollegeFashionista: What made you decide to create a YouTube channel solely for fashion?

Christopher Cabalona: I was inspired by The Fashion Citizen. They go thrift shopping a lot and would create content based on how they would style each item that they’ve found. At the time, I was also searching for fashion videos relating to men, but I was kind of upset that I couldn’t find anything. I decided to go thrift shopping and style all the pieces that I bought on that particular trip. I thought to myself how I’d be the first guy to make a thrift styling video. It was kind of nerve-wracking at first, knowing that people would judge me, but most of my subscribers now like what I have to offer. 

CF: With a huge variety of fashion YouTubers, how do you stand out from the crowd?

CC: Aside from the fact that I do menswear fashion in my channel, I also do DIY videos. I have a lot of sewing and altering tutorials to help my subscribers fix and create their own things.

CF: How do you keep your content fresh and relevant?

CC: When it comes to editing my videos, I take my time to make sure I give my viewers an experience that they have yet to see from any YouTubers. I try to be original and unique with my ideas.

CF: Debunk a common misconception of being a YouTuber.

CC: Some of my viewers think that the process of creating a video from scratch is easy. Well, it’s not! There’s a lot of procedures when making a video. You have to think of what to film as well as find a location to shoot. When filming in public, you have to deal with crazy stares from people that think you’re weird. Then you would have to edit the video, render it, upload it and then annotate the video. It takes a lot of time; that’s why I’m not producing any content right now because fashion school is really time-consuming. Also, the number one question that I always get: how much do they pay you to make a YouTube video? My answer: not very much!

CF: What is your go-to outfit for uninspired days?

CC: I actually love the all-black trend right now, so I guess whatever my mood is that day, you’ll find me in ripped black skinny jeans, black crewneck, black bomber jacket and a pair of 1461 black Dr. Martens.

Learn more: To check out more of Christopher’s style, take a look at his YouTube channel.