AROUND TOWN: Benjamin Nowicki

March 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

Working retail is often associated with the worst: long hours, awful encounters and some serious mouth sores from that fake smile you finally mastered. In this Fashionisto’s recent job experience, he has shown that working retail is bearable and fun once you get the hang of it. All it takes is a killer outfit, the one accessory that makes you smile and of course your coat (but not for long!)

Name: Benjamin Nowicki

Role: Sales associate at Blue & Cream

CollegeFashionista: How did you get started working in retail?

Benjamin Nowicki: My first retail job was at American Apparel. I got the job by attending an open call interview at their SoHo location. I got hired on the spot.  My second and current retail job, at Blue & Cream, I got through networking.

CF: Describe a day in the life at your current job.

BN: At Blue & Cream, my responsibilities include greeting customers as they walk in the store, working one-on-one with customers to help them shop and merchandising new products. Because the boutique is extremely small with only 10 employees in the store, no one is designated solely one position. We all work as a team to create a truly unique and fun way to shop. On an average day, I work with a small handful of customers, organize and document quantities in back stock, ensure clothes are salable/merchandised and document store activity.

CF: What do you enjoy most about working in retail?

BN: My favorite part about working retail are the people I encounter. I meet such incredible people I would not meet if it weren’t for my job. I’ve met famous artists, a stripper, designers and so many other inspirational individuals. Of course, I love the fashion aspect about working in retail, but nothing makes me happier than getting a chance to connect with a client on a personal level.

CF: What do you think is the key to success for a retail position?

BN: There are two factors that make for a successful retail worker: product knowledge and a lively attitude. Customers respond well to sales associates who know their product inside and out and know which products work for each customer. My strategy for selling is greeting a person, analyzing everything they’re wearing, getting to know a little about him or her, then recommend products based on their interests and style. Once I find a product a customer likes, the last thing is to help them connect to it. I show it to them in prime lighting, explain the fabric and what it can be worn or accessorized with to make it unique. When a customer resonates with the recommended merchandise, my work is a success.

Learn More: Check out the store Blue & Cream where this Fashionisto is currently working on 285 West Broadway or take a look at their website!