As a child, I was always amazed how dancers made their bodies do the impossible with flexibility and practice. From ballet to hip hop to salsa, there is always a specialty to each type of dance genre. Now that many of us are in college, dancers joined dance teams or productions that put on events. For this dancer, she joined Pepperdine’s annual dance performance called Dance in Flight through auditions and hard work.

Name: Becca Lu

Role: Dancer for Dance in Flight

CollegeFashionista: What made you want to be a dancer?

Becca Lu: I became a dancer because my mom enrolled me in ballet class when I was four. I learned to love dance because I was fascinated at how my body can become an art form through movement. I hate public speaking and am not a big talker, so dance is a great way for me to express myself in a huge crowd. It is also a great workout and hobby of mine to relax myself.

CF: What genre of dance do you enjoy the most?

BL: My favorite type of dance is lyrical because the movement is a mix of my favorite styles: jazz and contemporary. I feel free when I perform a lyrical piece because the movement is so fluid, connecting the movement to emotions.

CF: What is your favorite part about Dance in Flight?

BL: My favorite part about Dance in Flight is that it is a time and place where I can forget about all my stress with school, friends and my future. I can transport myself to a different dimension. With each piece, the dance tells a different story and I can become a different character. I also love the relationships that I am forming in the company by having the opportunity to dance aside many talented individuals that have the same love for dance.

CF: What are some tips that you would give to aspiring dancers?

BL: Don’t be discouraged if your technique is not amazing. Technique is not what makes a beautiful dancer, but it is the emotion and heart you put into each piece that makes the difference between an intermediate dancer and an amazing dancer. Be invested in your character for each piece, whether you are taking a class or performing for an audience. Learn to tell a story through dance and be intentional with each movement.

Learn More: Catch Dance in Flight at Smothers Theater. Student admission is $10 and general admission is $20. Showtimes are Feb. 12 at 8 pm, Feb. 13 at 8 pm and Feb. 14 at 2 pm and 8pm. Call (310) 506-4522 for tickets or visit