AROUND TOWN: Beatrice Engel

When you put Computer Science majors and Fashion majors in the same building for 36 hours straight, give them a ton of technology as tools, and tell them to create something incredible, the end result is amazing. Kent State recently hosted a fashion and technology Hackathon in the fashion building over the weekend and allowed both computer and fashion students to team up and create an innovative piece of wearable technology. Fashion major Beatrice Engel gives some insight on what it is like to be apart of a Hackathon.

Name: Beatrice Engel
Role: Hackathon Participant

CollegeFashionista: What are you designing in the Hackathon?

Beatrice Engel: My group is making a hat that is connected to your phone’s weather app. Right now we’re trying to make the hat light up when the app says it’s going to rain soon.

CF: What was your inspiration for the project?

BE: This wasn’t our original idea. We were initially going to have a coat that could heat you up with lights. We didn’t have the materials for it here, so we stuck with the light idea and combined it with some new ones to come up with our hat.

CF: What has been your favorite part of the Hackathon?

BE: Being able to use all of the technology that we have in the TechStyle lab. It’s available to use all year but it can be intimidating to just go and use it on your own so this is a good chance to take advantage of it. I also loved meeting new people here!

Learn More: Visit the Hackathon’s website to see all of the projects that were made over the weekend and to get more information about what took place at the fashion and technology Hackathon.