AROUND TOWN: Alex Marshall

Happy Wednesday, CollegeFashionista! Today I bring you a Fashionisto with a major passion for photography and a consequently killer style. As someone who channeled his artistic side at an extremely young age, our Fashionisto stands as an experienced, enthusiastic and style-evolving individual.

Name: Alex Marshall
Role: Student, Photographer

CollegeFashionista: What spurred your interest in photography?

Alex Marshall: When I was as a kid, I was given a Tasmanian Devil-style Polaroid camera (probably for my fourth birthday) and ever since then, I’ve loved capturing moments with such simplicity. All it ever takes is a click of a button and now just a tap of your finger and CLICK! You’ve now captured that special moment forever. There’s something about the simplicity and concreteness of photography that I adore. Photography allows me to be creative in ways I never thought were possible, and it has inspired me to see the world differently.

CF: Do you feel your interest in photography has influenced your fashion sense? If so, how?

AM: I feel like my interest in photography has had an impact on my fashion sense because at times, I look at photos of what celebrities wear or what people in magazines are wearing, and then that allows me to figure out my own fashion identity. I enjoy wearing the types of clothing that well-known people wear, but I try to make what I wear a little unique (by adding a watch, a necklace, a bracelet, etc.).

CF: Who are some fashion icons that you’ve seen photographed and whose styles you love?

AM: I don’t have specific individuals who inspire my fashion taste, but when I’m online or scrolling through my Twitter feed, I see what casual clothing celebrities and friends are wearing.

CF: Any future plans for your photography career?

AM: I definitely plan on continuing with photography. It will always be a passion of mine. I am actually enrolled in a black and white film photography course this semester. I am really excited for this because I don’t have any experience with black and white film and film cameras, so this is a whole new world for me!

Learn More: Be sure to keep tabs on how Alex is continuing to capture life on campus by checking him out on Instagram!