AROUND TOWN: Alacloth Vintage

AROUND TOWN: Alacloth Vintage

Fashion is cyclical; trends always come back, and that’s why vintage is becoming more and more popular these days. Minneapolis has a lot to offer in that sense. There are a lot of vintage lovers here as well as a lot of stores. ALACLOTH|vintage specializes in on-trend & reworked vintage and has been operating online for over four years. The shop has recently gone live. Ever wondered how to start your own shop online or in real life? Read on!

Name: Ania Gall

Role: Owner of Alacloth Vintage

College Fashionista: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and Alacloth vintage?

Ania Gall: ALACLOTH|vintage is my interpretation of vintage and how you can wear it in everyday life. It’s trendy and always to the point. I love hunting and gathering broken in flannels, biker tees, denim & specific floral prints while traveling around middle USA drinking coffee, listening to music and taking pictures. 

CF: How did you go from selling online to a retail space?

AG: The right opportunity came at the right time. There are a lot of vintage sellers here and Time Bomb Vintage in Minneapolis is a communal space where we all get to share and display our goods in. It’s a fun collaboration, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it. 

CF: With regards to going live with your shop, what are you most excited about?

AG: That it’s actually there. I’ve been selling my pieces online for so long; it’s going to be interesting to meet the actual customers, talk to them, see how my pieces fit them and learn how they are planning on styling them. 

CF: How did you learn the ins and outs of online selling? 

AG: I learned through trial and error. It was and still is a learning process. I sell a lot of vintage in UK and Australia, and providing the right measurements has been the key to success and returning customers. Also, being on time with shipments and getting back to customers via email or contact forms on the website is important. People don’t like waiting for too long. They will move on if you don’t respond. 

CF: This is a little bit more of a personal question. Is it difficult to part with the clothes?

AG: Sometimes if it’s something that I’ve wanted for a long time, I will keep it. But then I end up with three similar leather jackets or plaid shirts. So I’ve learned over the years to ask myself—do I really need this, or can someone else have it and rock it? In the end of the day there will always be more vintage!  

Learn more: Alacloth Vintage offers great vintage pieces, and you can find her stores online on Etsy and ASOS marketplace. If you are in the Twin Cities Area, stop by Time Bomb Vintage at 4008 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis!