AROUND THE WORLD: Jen Mulrow, New York City

No matter if our Style Gurus live in Tuscon or Tokyo, Madison or Melbourne, one thing that unifies them is their love for fashion. So it comes as no surprise that post-graduation, many of our Style Gurus become rockstars in the global world of fashion.

This week, we are catching up with four of our former Style Gurus who are all working for fashion publications around the world. From Mumbai to Mexico City, travel the globe with us in style to catch up with these ladies making names for themselves beyond the masthead.

First up is Jen Mulrow—a former Yale Style Guru and current Beauty Assistant at Glamour Magazine in New York City!
JM2CollegeFashionista: Where are you from and where did you go to school?

Jen Mulrow: I’m from Bronxville, New York, and I currently live in New York City. I graduated from Yale in May 2014 where I studied photography.

CF: Tell us a little bit about your current role and what a typical day is like for you?

JM: Right now I am a beauty assistant at Glamour. On a typical day, I’ll catch up on emails, call in product samples, coordinate press information, conduct backstage photo research, draft captions and pitch story ideas. I might have a deskside with a brand, where they will stop by the office to introduce a new launch, or an offsite event of the same nature.

CF: What is your favorite part about your job?

JM: The team! Everyone at Glamour is as friendly as they are hard working, and the beauty department is especially supportive. Fashion week of course is a highlight, too – getting backstage access to interview makeup artists, photograph models and see emerging trends firsthand is such a creative rush.
JM3 CF: How does your city inspire you?

JM: New York City has such an overall sense of possibility to it, and at the same time it all feels completely personal to your own story.

CF: What is your favorite thing about your city?

JM: Living in the same building as my best friends and a subway ride away from my family.

CF: What are some hidden gems in your city?

JM: The Hudson River Park is my FAVORITE place in the city. I walk home along the park as often as I can, since it gets the most amazing sunset light at the end of the day. I am a daily hazard to all the runners because I will just stand still and gawk or take bad iPhone photos.

CF: If you could live in any other international city, where would it be and why?

JM: Tokyo! I spent five weeks there a few summers ago and fell in love with the city – the kawaii culture, the subway jingles, the neon lights. I don’t speak any Japanese, though, so that might be a problem long term…

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CF: Describe your personal style.

JM: I’ve always been drawn to pastels—from clothes to films to photographs—so I tend to wear light pinks, whites and muted colors. I’ll wear skirts and dresses until my legs freeze (sorry, pants!) and my popstar platform Supergas on ANY occasion.

CF: What is your advice for budding fashion journalists?

JM: Reach out! You’re not going to get what you don’t ask for, so if you’re looking for a job or a favor or an opportunity, you have to be proactive. You never know where a simple email or conversation might take you.