5 Apps Every College Student Should Download Now

September 26th, 2017 at 1:05am

Between navigating a new campus, trying to have a professional online profile, and figuring out if you have enough money to buy that latte before class, college can be very tough. Apps can make it easier. There are a plethora of apps that were meant to help out college students and these are the top five apps that I think every college student needs.


Schools have specific programs that they use for their classrooms. The two most popular ones are Canvas and Blackboard. If your school uses either of these or other programs and they have apps, download them as soon as possible! This will make it easier to keep up with assignments and communicate with your professors.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark


Quizlet is an essential app for students. It lets you create flashcards for any class you want to and there’s no limit on how many cards you can make. This app comes in handy when you have a test coming up and you need to study but don’t feel like hand-writing notecards. You can also take the quizzes to test yourself.


Evernote is a great note-taking app. Some people like to take notes by hand in cute notebooks while others like to type them out. Evernote lets you write out notes and organize them into categories any way you like. There is a mobile app and a desktop app available. You can always print them and organize them in a cute folder as well!

PHOTO: Kaitlyn Antoniadis


Whether you are in college or not, LinkedIn is such an important app to have. LinkedIn is basically an online portfolio and résumé. You put down your experience, making it easier for potential employers to see what you have accomplished. LinkedIn released LinkedIn Jobs earlier this year as well. It lets you know when jobs and internships that you might be interested in or are suitable for you become available. Put on a cute blazer and make sure to take a professional headshot. After all, someone important might be looking at your profile!

PHOTO: Lex Kelly


Many people don’t know about Unidays. Unidays is an app (also found online) that lets you access hundreds of discounts at many stores. Any student can sign up with their school email and start getting instant savings. Think of it a Groupon for college students!

Make sure to download these apps as soon as possible and start making college easier for yourself! Do you have any life-saving apps you use on the daily? Leave them in the comments below!

Featured photo by Daisa Harris.