Your 6-Step Survival Guide to Allergy-Proofing Your Makeup Routine

Certain things in life are simply unavoidable: train station crowds, end-of-the-semester-itis (which by now we all know is far worse than senioritis), and, the worst of them all, seasonal allergies. So, what are you to do with your makeup when Mother Nature just won’t give you a break? The answer is simple— skip the makeup for the next few weeks!

Okay so did anyone else start to twitch a little when they read “skip makeup”? Sure, that’ll happen…

Here’s what you Fashionistas can actually do to survive spring, besides hoarding eye drops and a huge wad of tissue in your pocket like a squirrel stockpiling nuts.

1—Switch to a lightweight foundation & concealer.

When you already don’t really feel like having anything on your face at all, nothing is worse than a thick layer of what used to be your favorite everyday foundation. For the next few months, opt for face makeup that’s full-coverage to hide any skin irritation, long-lasting, but still breathable. If CollegeFashionista’s Beauty Awards have taught us anything, it’s that Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation is the way to go! 

2—Keep the eye makeup soft.

While cut creases, colorful waterlines, glitter, and cat-eye liner give us life on a daily basis, during allergy season, any makeup that can be ruined at the blink of a (teary) eye has no place in your routine. Go for blendable eye looks using durable, finger-friendly shadows like these. In other words, you shouldn’t need a whole makeup kit to touch up after a mid-day eye rub!3—Skip the mascara.

“But Britt, mascara is a part of my lazy-makeup-day trio!” I know, Fashionista, but mascara is actually the easiest way to irritate your eyes. On a high pollen count day, who wants to deal with smudging, running, chipping, or a potential case of pink-eye after contaminating your mascara wand? Not you! If you absolutely can’t go without putting your lashes in place for a day, go for a clear, waterproof mascara like Maybelline’s classic Great Lash formula.

4—Lock it all in.

Though you should try your best to limit the thick layers of makeup you apply during allergy season, what you cannot afford to do is skip routine steps that help the durability of your looks! A lightweight preliminary moisturizer, face primer, eyeshadow primer, setting powder, and setting spray are all non-negotiables! High school cheerleading competitions introduced me to my all-time favorite setting spray: Ben Nye’s Final Seal; I totally recommend it if you want your makeup to survive the apocalypse!Photo via @bennyemakeup

5—Carry powder for your midday Rudolph nose.

We all know what this one means. At some point in the day, you’ve sneezed and wiped your nose so many times that the makeup on your nose & upper lip are totally nonexistent, leaving your irritated skin exposed. LOL, true story, right?! For quick touchups, carry pressed powder or mousse foundation (anything with an easy applicator and a mirror inside). I love Maybelline’s matte mousse because it doesn’t get cakey, no matter how many layers I have to reapply throughout the day!


What feels better than getting home at the end of the day with your makeup still intact?– Getting to take it all off, of course! Keep cooling eye masks like this in the fridge while you’re out so that as soon as you get home, you can put your micellar water to work and recuperate from your long day of survival.Photo via @amandaskrabucha

No worries, Fashionistas, with these tips, Mother Nature is no match for your new allergy-season expertise. What are your hacks you have found to mastering your beauty routine during allergy season? Let us know in the comments below!