ALL IN THE DETALS: Nothing Like Cat-Eyes

During the day, if there’s one thing I can never leave the house without, it’s a pair of sunglasses. Never will anyone ever see me walking outside without sporting a pair of oversized (probably all black) sunglasses to block the sun, give me a sense of mystery and also add some bonus glam and edginess to my outfit. Even when I step indoors, I’m the one who almost always refuses to take my sunglasses off. Don’t ask for a reason—the only thing I know for sure is that I’m one of those girls (#NoShame).

The way I see it, the more pairs of sunglasses you own, the better. Sunglasses will always, always, always be staple pieces that no look can do without and your choice of them can undoubtedly dress an outfit either up or down.

Despite the endless options of styles and colors of sunnies to choose from, my absolute favorite and go-to ones are the classic Audrey Hepburn-inspired cat-eye sunglasses. Is it now easy to understand why I fell in love with this Fashionista’s look? Her all black Christian Dior sunglasses make her overall casual outfit stand out and look much more elegant. The leopard shorts, black tank top with holes on the side and black sandals make for a beautiful and extremely trendy casual summer look that is completed by her choice of sunglasses and by her simple bracelets, necklaces and to die for black leather cross-body bag. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

How To: Scared to make cat-eye sunglasses work for a casual look during the day? Don’t be! Cat-eye sunglasses are just as easy to pair with any outfit as any other style of sunglasses is. Just wear a simple pair of shorts, your favorite T-shirt and a pair of sandals. Grab your favorite pair of cat-eye sunglasses and you’re all set!