Remember when we were kids and we couldn’t wait to grow up? Now we are here and all we want is to regress back to times of Rocko’s Modern Life, Wonder Balls, little responsibility and dirt on our knees. Though we are ever growing, we are never too old to represent our inner child.

This Fashionisto style is that of a minimalist skater. He represents simple color choices and patterns, wearing the crucial skate brands. Though his look features a simple black and white color palette, when looking closer you will see the eye catching pattern of this blue Donald Duck Vans.

Vans has launched a new collaboration line with Disney that features every form of apparel and accessory showcasing some of our favorite characters growing up. The popularity of cartoon apparel can be easily integrated into anyones wardrobe, and gives a perfect reminiscent feel to any outfit. When concurring this youthful and often eye-catching trend, take after this Fashionisto and focus on a simple ensemble selecting one piece to be the feature. Let this piece do all the talking.

We are never too old to stay in touch with the child in us. Let this trend represent our younger selves breaking free from our new grown up lives.

How To: For this look, start by selecting any childhood reminiscent pattern, choose whatever article of clothing you want to represent. Build your outfit starting with a crop top,  and add a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans, or have the bottoms be the focal and outfit with a flowing white top. If you prefer to wear a simple ensemble, you can feature pattern through your accessories.