ALL IN THE DETAILS: You are Now Entering the Red Zone

What do candy tamales, chili peppers and this Fashionista’s outfit all have in common? They’re red hot. This fiery Fashionista perfectly pulled off her monochromatic outfit in all-red everything. From head to toe, she created a great summer ensemble that was just absolutely stunning. The bold red color choice makes quite the personality statement and turns up the heat on this outfit.

This bombshell designs her look with a pair of Tory Burch flip flops and matching purse as well as a simplistic red dress from Forever 21. While the dress is simple in nature, the look is anything but boring. Her attire fits and flares in all the right places, turning this simple dress into a sexy, cute girly look! She accessorizes with everyday silver rings, a red stranded wrap around layered necklace and an oval shaped ruby, diamond and gold bracelet.

And now, what would an outfit be without some finishing hair and makeup touches to polish off the look? To top off this already sensual attire, the Fashionista adds a touch of glitter to her eyes, a pop of red to her lips and voluptuous curls to her hair. Warning boys: you are taking on a dangerously fierce Fashionista.

How To: Are you as daring and fashion-forward as this Fashionista and willing to try out a monochromatic outfit too? Here’s how! If you are not willing to go as bold as red, try starting off with neutral tones from the black and white scale. An all-white outfit is a great way to show off your summer tan and trust me, contrary to popular belief, all-black outfits should not be reserved solely for solemn occasions. However, if you are as audacious as she is, try taking on an all-cobalt blue outfit for your next going out attire to electrify your night!