ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wrapped Up in Chokers

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wrapped Up in Chokers

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite trends with a little twist: wrap chokers. This accessory is a great alternative to the classic choker look.

The benefit of this particular wrap choker is that it is a DIY accessory, which gives you the freedom to style it however you want. Spice up your favorite v-neck and denim combo with a wrap choker. Pair your wrap choker with a floral sundress for an edgier look. You can even pair it with a classic tank and comfy shorts.

The choker is a fantastic addition to any look because it highlights your best feature: Your face!

This Fashionista paired her DIY wrap choker with an off-the-shoulder striped top, white pants, and black sandals to complete her look. Her black accessories and shoes really stand out against her light top and pants.

How To: The wonderful thing about this trend is that the “how to” is totally up to you! This Fashionista went to her local craft store and used deerskin lace for her choker. But there are many alternatives to deerskin lace. You can use leather cording, faux leather braided cording, or even suede cording. How you style your choker is also up to you. This Fashionista wrapped the deerskin lace once around her neck, tied a knot right above her chest and let it hang down. Some alternatives are wrapping the cording multiple times around your neck for a thicker choker. Another option is tying a bow instead of a knot like this Fashionista did. You can also cut some of the cording to make the extra strands hanging down shorter. The possibilities are truly endless with this DIY wrap choker!