You’ve conquered the basics: the oversized, cozy sweater, your favorite pair of jeans and knee high boots. Your winter wardrobe is impeccable and you’re ready to brave the cold, but you feel as if you’re missing something essential. You need something to add a pop of color and extra flair to your stylish digs. Look no further, ’tis the season of scarves and we’re all about wrapping it up.

Scarves are a prime accessory that can add some personality to a simple outfit. With neutral tones of her olive green sweater and black skinny jeans, this Fashionista’s outfit may get lost in the crowd. Instead of blending in, she chooses to add a complementary color to make her outfit stand out. With the inclusion of her vibrant, purple scarf with yellow details, she creates a cohesive outfit with some necessary personality. Even better, the scarf is lightweight and thin making it perfect for the unpredictable weather of Orlando.

Scarves are a trend that has been around for a while and as styles change they remain a constant in the world of winter fashion. With a multitude of styles, colors and patterns, they are incredibly versatile and fit with virtually any outfit. Whether you’re heading to class, off to the office or out on the town for a fancy dinner, picking a scarf with perfect texture and color can create a whole new look. For comfort, warmth or added style appeal, scarves are and always will be a go-to accessory

How To: Effortlessly recreate this Fashionista’s look by adding a pop of color to your simple, chic outfit. If you’re wearing darker tones, consider a light color such as a pale blue, purple or green. If you’re feeling whites and creams, add some deep shades around your neck with a burgundy or chestnut brown, a look guaranteed to keep you warm, stylish and turn heads.